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The objectives of the association

AFGHANISTAN-EUROPE aims at providing support to vulnerable people in Afghanistan, particularly to women and children, in order to promote their empowerment and enable them to take an active part in the social and economic development of Afghanistan.

AFGHANISTAN-EUROPE suppports the initiatives of Afghans who care for the future of their country. These initiatives should aim particularly at women's empowerment and the empowerment of the most vulnerable/unfavoured citizens. The future of Afghanistan cannot be without economic growth and the participation of all to development.

AFGHANISTAN-EUROPE tries to be their representative vis-à-vis the members, as well as vis-à-vis donors. In this context, we have two missions: raise awareness to the situation and the needs in Afghanistan, and raise the necessary funds to carry out the activities which have been identified as able to contribute to a better future.

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AFGHANISTAN-EUROPE non-profit organisation is a team of volunteers. The 'Assemblée générale' and the 'Conseil d'administration' (board of directors) are the bodies. The statutes are published in the Belgian Official journal (moniteur belge) under the reference 192334. The 'Assemblée générale' is composed of all members who have paid the membership fee; this body meets once a year.

The costs linked to the functioning of the organisation are very low and limited to legal obligations (publications in the 'Moniteur', etc.) and to correspondance: annual newsletter sent to the members, announcement of events, fund raising, acknowledgements.

In general all the activities are covered by the organisation's fonds propres, which come from donations, membership cotisation, mécénat and profit of events which we organise.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest and undeveloped countries in the world. Its people suffered occupation, wars, repression and terror for nearly 30 years. The country was cut from the rest of the world and inaccessible for years. A lot of organisations (international organisations, national and international NGOs, associations, ...) are currently in the country to try and support development.

One can apprach development aind in several ways. In a country like Afghanistan, deeply hit materially, culturally and psychologically, it is important to rebuild on solid basis. It is necessary to propose to gain or regain elementary knoledge such as reading and writing. It is not less necessary to do it in such a way that it takes roots. Given the past history, this is not an easy task. This is the reason why it is important to carry out the actions in a way, and rythm, allowing that they are absorbed in a sustainable way.

This is why our projects are implemented exclusively by Afghan staff, particularly those who stayed in their country throughout the difficult years, and also those who returned from neighbouring countries; those who realise that reading and writing  can make a difference in life and who can witness thatthis is a key entry point to adapt to a world which is constantly changing. Knowing how to read and write: a way for some, an aim for others, a hope for others. Our local staff feels it is important to help vulnerable people. They share and disseminates their knowledge: read, write,  count, structure, bring support and joy... They are the people we count on and that we encourage. We do not have any expat staff. This means that our activities can keep on even if security conditions deteriorate in such a way that non Afghan staff should evacuate the country.

Our missions are the necessary link between Afghanistan and Europe and are a chance for fruitful exchanges as weel as to see progress.

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History from 1999

AFGHANISTAN-EUROPE was set up in the summer of 1999, when most of Afghanistan was under taliban rule. We felt concerned by Afghan women's condition and everyday life and we thought it was important to inform the authorities, the media and the public about this dramatic situation.

During the first three years of its existence, the association focused on information and awareness raising activities, such as:

In 2002, soon after our first mission to Afghanistan, our first project was designed, in cooperation with the ULB and supported by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: a carpet weaving workshop for widows. From this period, our priority became the support to activities in Afghanistan: at the request of the beneficiaries of this first project, we launched the first literacy classes for women. The great success of these classes encouraged us to make them become our main activity.

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The Board of Directors

Suzanne Notte - president. Khalil Alem -  vice-president. Martine Piecq - secretary. Kamel Daoud - trésorier. Litsa Campouridès - administratrice. François Carton - administrateur.

The Afghan team

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Year Cost of projects Running cost of org

64.239 €
853 €
54.190 €
929 €
2010 30.075 € 847 €
2009 19.635 € 832 €
2008 14.690 € 570 €
2007 12.270 € 298 €
2006 18.798 € 342 €

Activities organised by the assoc: 53,3 %
Donations: 25,0 %
Mécénat: 17,3 %
Membership fees: 2,6%
Misc: 1,8%

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